The Wohlfahrt Opus 45 violin etudes are absolute classics for violin students moving into the intermediate range of playing. This includes students currently working on ASTA level 3-4, ABRSM level 3-4, Royal Conservatory level 3-4, and Suzuki Book 3-4.

The Wohlfahrt Opus 45 violin etudes are a collection of 60 etudes, but it is divided into 2 Volumes. Volume 1 includes etudes 1-30, it stays exclusively in 1st position, and utilizes melodic and rhythmic patters that a low intermediate player can tackle. Volume 2 includes etudes 31-60, it utilizes 3rd position heavily, and features more complicated rhythms and bowings.

Studying Volume 1 will accomplish several magical things for the Level 3 violin student. It will

  • improve note reading and sight reading tremendously
  • improve rhythm skills and metronome mastery
  • prepare students for more difficult repertoire by using repetition of many common violinistic patterns
  • improve bow control and tone production
  • produce cleaner playing habits
  • improve critical listening and problem solving
  • What? Are the Wohlfahrt Opus 45 etudes magical? How do they teach violin students all of those things? This is where I make a shameless plug for my upcoming Wohlfahrt Opus 45 Volume 1 online etude class, which will be opening very soon.

    This class will ensure that you attain the skills listed above, and it will help you learn to think like a teacher, problem solve like Einstein, and practice like a Ninja!
    And now, you can enroll in the online course that will teach you in a very systematic way how to approach etude practice using this beloved classic, Wohlfahrt Opus 45 etudes as the curriculum. This course will revolutionize the way you think about practicing, etude study, and violin technique!
    Happy Etuding!