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Change billing information


How can I change my billing information?


If you signed up for these lessons (Suzuki Book 1, Suzuki Book 2, Suzuki Book 3, Suzuki Book 4, Intermediate Fiddle, or Wohlfahrt Opus 45) during a special pricing, follow these instructions:
To give your new debit/credit card number to Click Bank (our payment processor), please call them directly: 800-390-6035. You’ll need your email address or order number.

If you signed up for these lessons (Suzuki Book 1, Suzuki Book 2, Suzuki Book 3, Suzuki Book 4, Intermediate Fiddle, or Wohlfahrt Opus 45) not during a special pricing, following these instructions:
Log into your Paypal account and change your payment method on the subscription for the lessons.

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Videos not playing


Having trouble with videos not playing, what can I do?


Video playback problems are usually caused by a slow internet connection or a computer that cannot handle the HD video stream from Vimeo.
To correct the problem, turn off HD by clicking on the blue HD button in the play bar. (If it is gray, it’s already off.)

Here are some other things you can try:

+ Try letting the video buffer ( before you view it.
+ Close other browser tabs and windows. This can make a huge difference!
+ Make sure you have either the latest version of Flash ( running on your computer, or use a browser with native HTML5 support so you can try the HTML 5 player (
+ Switch to another browser to see if that helps. (Firefox or Chrome usually work well)
If you are still having trouble, just contact us and let us know what video(s) is/are misbehaving for you.

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Access to purchased tune


I just purchased a tune, but I don’t know where to access it, help!


You should have received an email with the download link(s) for the tune tutorial that you purchased. Please check your spam folder for the email if you don’t see it in your inbox.
If you still don’t see it, contact us and we will help.

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Pause my lessons


Something has gotten in the way of my time, can I pause my lessons until a better time?


Unfortunately, our payment processor does not allow us to pause payments. They allow only two options: continue or cancel.

If you continue, you can “pause” working on the lessons, and come back to them any time, and they will be ready for you when you are. With this option, ClickBank continues to charge your card.

If you cancel, you will retain access to the lessons you’ve paid for so far. But if you want to restart your membership later to get the rest of the lessons, you would start over with payment #1.

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Cancel Membership


How do I cancel my membership?


If you signed up for these lessons (Suzuki Book 1, Suzuki Book 2, Suzuki Book 3, Suzuki Book 4, Intermediate Fiddle, or Wohlfahrt Opus 45) during a special pricing, follow these instructions:
Just find the most recent email receipt from our payment processor, Clickbank. Click on the customer service links in that email, and from there you’ll find the buttons to cancel. If you prefer, you can also call ClickBank at 800-390-6035. You’ll need your order number from the receipt.

If you signed up for these lessons (Suzuki Book 1, Suzuki Book 2, Suzuki Book 3, Suzuki Book 4, Intermediate Fiddle, or Wohlfahrt Opus 45) not during a special pricing, follow these instructions:
Please log into your Paypal account and cancel the subscription for your lessons.

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  1. Jessica

    Hi! I have been learning violin with a teacher up until March, since then on my own due to Covid. I’m interested in signing up for your online classes but I’m wondering if its possible to fast track through the first one. I don’t want to completely skip it since I’m sure there will still be stuff in there I could use particularly at the end stage, at the same time I would likely only need to spend a month or two on it if even that since I’m not a complete beginner.

  2. REKHA

    Hi Lora! I have just signed up RDV and don’t know how and where to start. Am a beginner. Pls guide me.

    • Lora

      Hi Rekha!
      So, I have no record of you signing up for my email list, or my free membership, or my paid courses.
      I’ll give you some links to get you started, and feel free to write back with questions. (you can also email me directly at

      So, my email list offers practice tips, plus I plan to add some resources for beginners and alternative styles of music. AND, joining my list guarantees you’ll get notice of special sales, or of new stuff I add. Join it here:

      Then, DEFINITELY sign up for my free membership here:
      Just scroll down, and you will see “FREE MEMBERSHIP” on a menu. You can’t miss it. The Free Membership will help you explore violin on your own using free resources.
      In that same menu is all of my paid courses.
      I highly recommend the Suzuki Book 1 course, which is also on that menu, but here is a link:
      Suzuki Book 1 is the PERFECT way to get started, because it’s organized, it introduces skills IN THE ORDER that you should learn them. (and you get full access to me for questions)

      Let me know if you need help or have any questions along the way!

  3. Jose

    Im learning violin for 1 year and a half,
    Can play till grade 3 level of trinity
    Working on bach partita e major with my teacher prelude now

    Im progressing good, my teacher tells me my sight reading is so good and i have a good rhythm…

    So here is my problem
    1) intonation… I need to work on a lot
    2) i cant listen to beats from a metronome and play … I play according to my own temp
    3) i have a very loud and clean sound when i play ..but when im supposed to play slow music like schindlers list theme bow shakes
    4) my sight reading is good and i can play all 24 scales ( not melodic , harmonic and chromatic stuff , just normal major and minor , i play 3 octaves scales for A,G,C majors and relative minor scales )
    But my ear sucks , i cant differentiate sounds…
    5) i can do vibrato to fool non musicians , but my teacher says i have a shaky vibrato
    6) i cant tune my violin by ear…

    7) my basics totally suck 🙂 i rushed so much on technicallity that i neglected the basics…

    Im willing to sign up for a course that would supplement my learning… And my goal is to learn and perform the devils trill by tartini some year…

    Can u guide me to what course should i sign up for ?

    • Lora

      Hi Jose!
      Hmmm…gosh, if your teacher can point out all those things, then he or she should HELP you to fix them!
      I’m going to email you to discuss it further. It sounds like you work hard. I want to see you succeed!

  4. Rita Smith

    I am trying to figure out how to get your reply to my questions. I finally found your reply to a July question I had…….new question (which I sent earlier in another section (not sure where). Just wanted to know how proficient do I need to be for the music in each unit (my older fingers and brain do not always grasp new materials quickly). Some I can play well with the piano only accompaniment. Others I still need to go a little slower……do I stay on that lesson until I can play it well with piano accompaniment only or go on a keep working on speeding up those pieces?

    Where do I look to find your input to this comment/question?

    You are amazing, making it feel like my teacher, you, are right in the room with me. I go back and review lessons and practice sessions, that is such a great benefit. I love the duets in Unit 16, really gets my brain thinking! You have given me enough confidence to play at an open mike tonight in our little town (with a beginner Baritone guitar and an experienced fiddle player).

    Thank you!!!!!!!

    • Beth Hamilton

      You posted the question under Suzuki Book 1 Member Resources. Lora has not gotten to the question yet, so there is no reply and you can’t see your message because it is still pending. Please give Lora a few days to respond.


  5. Carol

    is there a way to get the sheet music that goes along with the tunes you teach? Thanks!

    • RDVAdmin

      You can find the information about the Fiddle sheet music under Unit 1, the Welcome link. At the bottom oof that page is information about the Fiddle book.

  6. Mural Adams

    I’m so glad that you leave the lessons available for me. I do return to them frequently and have not yet finished. It gives me great pleasure to take off on a new song and work thru some of the lessons. I’m learning, but in some different ways. Thanks.

    • Lora

      Yes, I feel it’s important to allow students to stop and start, and return when ready! Glad to see you back at it! Keep it up!


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