Everyone has one. Or two or three. At least, everyone who is serious about learning to play the violin or fiddle should have.

What’s your violin dream tune?

Dream tunes keep us motivated by giving us something to shoot for. Your true dream tunes provide the absolutely essential emotional juice to keep going when it’s hard.
To have the most motivational power your dream tune should be accessible within 1-2 years. You need to believe you can really learn to play it in a reasonable amount of time. Even when life happens.

Here are some dream tunes that people a lot like you are learning: And I’ve created custom tutorials for others, including:

-Pachelbel Canon

-Ashokan Farewell

-Bach Double Violin Concerto

-Bach Concerto in E Major

-Bach Air in G

-Jerusalem Ridge

-Dust in the Wind
-Uncle Penn

-Devil Went Down to Georgia

-Dream On (Aerosmith)

-King of the Faeries

-Jolie Blond

-Christian hymns

-Blue Moon of Kentucky

-Black Water (Doobie Brothers)

-Cherokee Shuffle

Your dream tune could be next

My tutorial kits take 5-8 hours to create and contain everything you need to learn to play the song:

  • Instructional video to show you technique and walk you through trouble spots
  • Slow, medium, and fast play-along videos
  • Sheet music (unless forbidden by copyright)
  • Maybe more, depending on the tune

So click here to check out my violin and fiddle tutorial kits for popular songs. I hope you find a kit that you fancy so that you can get started with a good goal!