I went looking for a new Metronome/Tuner when I learned that they stopped making my favorite brand. I also wanted a unit I could recommend to my students, most of whom are adult beginners.

So I bought Korg TM40 and put it through my tests to see if it could stand up to the challenge. It did. I really like
this unit
and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a combination metronome/tuner/pitch generator.

Watch the video below for a thorough breakdown, but here is the quick version:


  • Speaker on the front
  • Separate metronome and tuner buttons for ease of use
  • You can use metronome and tuner functions simultaneously
  • Only $25!


  • It could be louder. This setback is easily correctable by plugging your computer speakers into the Korg.
  • You have to press the pitch generator button repeatedly to get to the pitch you want.
  • It only generates pitches in one octave.

I did not find these to be huge obstacles, though.

In the video below I show you some details about how the Korg works, and at $24.95 it’s a great deal. Check it out for yourself by clicking the image:
Korg TM-40 Digital Tuner Metronome