Trick Question!!!
Suzuki 3 is NOT boring. It is one of the most exciting books we have!

People only think it is boring because out of 7 songs, 5 are Gavottes, and only 2 songs are Romantic, the rest are Baroque or Galante. Also, people who think it’s boring don’t understand the purpose or the potential of Book 3.

Book 3 is exciting because it is preparing us for Book 4! Everyone wants to reach Book 4, but if you don’t prepare, then Book 4 is no fun. It’s just scary and hard.

My Suzuki Violin Book 3 course supplements the Suzuki book by teaching the following skills:
• Shifting
• 3rd position study
• Finishing and implementing vibrato
• Finding and shaping phrases
• Expressive playing
• Bow distribution
• Advanced scale and arpeggio study
• Memorization skills
• Extensive theory and ear training
• Fingerboard geography
• Spiccato, Staccato, Martele
• Tone colors (ratio of bow weight, speed, placement)
• History and performance practices of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods
• Extremely extensive work on practice techniques and strategies

If you’re bored with book 3, ask your teacher if some of these skills would be right for you. Or take a look at my Suzuki violin Book 3 lessons at Many of my students supplement their in-person lessons with my online lessons, and they might be a good fit for you too.