Tips for Great Violin Tone

Beginners can, and should, master tone

A beautiful, warm tone on the violin is that secret sauce that makes violin music so powerful. Too often, beginners think that if they just learn the notes first, they can work on tone later.

Not here at Red Desert Violin! I believe that good tone starts at the very foundation, and that’s what these resources are about.

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Sample tone lessons from Suzuki book 2
This sample of my Suzuki Book 2 course includes a video about “tonalizations,” Dr. Suzuki’s unique approach to teaching students to play with beautiful tone.

This video is a sample tone exercise video.

My YouTube videos about tone
My YouTube channel includes several helpful videos on tone production.

Tone Trilogy
Three DETAILED videos about tone. These will soon no longer be free, so get them now. 🙂
1. Bow weight
2. Bow speed
3. Bow placement

Blog posts and articles

Volume vs. Intensity on Violin

Playing loud doesn’t equal playing intensely. Playing soft doesn’t equal docile. Learning to make a soft, intense sound, or a loud warm sound really expands our expressive palate to help us convey more color and more emotion in our violin playing.

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What Makes Suzuki Violin Book 2 So Special?

What Makes Suzuki Violin Book 2 So Special?

Tonalizations are the special “secret” ingredient that make Suzuki Book 2 such a great learning experience. All the elementary work is DONE. The foundation is laid. The posture is beautiful. The fingers know their places. The bow is under control. The tone is pure. The intonation is getting there. Now what? Now the fun begins.

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Tone Production Worksheet

Tone Production Worksheet

Download this versatile practice worksheet that will help you produce flawless tone on your violin. It is a perfect companion tool for my free tone videos.

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