Online Violin Lessons: Suzuki Book 2 Sample

Hello, and thanks for your interest in my online violin lessons. I teach the Suzuki method and in this course take you through Suzuki book 2. This page is just a sample of what you’ll get when you join my studio. See all the details and sign up here. All of my lessons follow the structure you see here: Lessons A thru H, followed by one or more practice coach videos and playalong videos.

Lesson A: Tonalizations

All of my Lesson A videos in Suzuki Book 2 units have a lesson on tonalizations, Dr. Suzuki’s unique approach to teaching students to play with beautiful tone, and also to play in tune. Here’s a sample of a tonalizations lesson.

Lesson B: Major Scales Beginning with First Finger

In the next lesson, all units go into detail about scales and arpeggios. You will learn every key by rote, and then you will learn them again using music, provided by me. Learning scales are so important as they are the building blocks for everything you will EVER play.

Lesson C: Colle’ Pizz

Then we focus on a specific technique chosen by me. In this lesson we begin to learn a bow technique which is at the core of many other bow strokes: Colle’.

Lesson C Part 2: Quint Four Hand Patterns

And on some weeks, we focus on left hand technique, building left hand speed and dexterity, coordinating the two hands, and learning how to navigate our fingerboard in any key!
(video removed)

Lesson D: Special Tip: Skills Stack

Of course, the fun part is learning the pieces of Suzuki Book 2, so Lesson D will focus on the tune at hand.

Lesson E: Ear Training: Roots versus Inversion

Lesson E always gives guidance on ear training, as it pertains to VIOLIN. You will get some serious training here.

Lesson F: Repertoire Review

We review our repertoire in each unit. This is another strategy that is unique to the Suzuki violin method. Reviewing your repertoire each day helps you solidify and build upon the skills you have learned previously, and keeps your growing “playlist” fresh in your mind.
(video removed)

Lesson G: Vibrato Review

We review our vibrato skills in every unit. My special vibrato course, a $1,000,000 value, 🙂 is included in your Suzuki Book 2 lessons at no extra cost.
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Lesson H: Theory: Naturally Occurring Major and Minor Triads

Almost every unit includes a theory lesson. Have you ever heard violinists trained in the Suzuki method are mindless robots, just imitating what they see? Not true! Those are the claims of jealous haterz! This lesson will put hair on your chest and help you sprout new synapses!

Practice Coach A: Reps 4321

Red Desert’s unique feature, the Practice Coach videos help you bring all of the skill and concepts together and hammer them home. The biggest part of learning to be successful on violin is learning to practice correctly, and this is what the Practice Coaches set out to do.

Hunter’s Chorus Playalong, Slow Tempo

For each song in Suzukui Book 2, you get at least three playalong videos in slow, medium, and fast tempo. You can start the video and play right along with me and a professional pianist (on the performance tempo video). It’s a fantastic way to practice!

Click here to check out my online Suzuki violin lessons featuring Suzuki Book 2. I hope to see you in the studio soon!