In a post last week, I discussed why the Suzuki violin method works well for adult beginners (click the link to read that post). Well, you don’t have to take my word for it.

I am happy to introduce you to three adult beginning violinists who wanted to learn to play the violin online using the Suzuki violin method. If my explanation did not convince you that the Suzuki method can work for you, then maybe their experience will.

Roberto Dueñas, near Mexico City

I started to play violin with a private teacher with Suzuki method book 1. I enjoyed it and learned something, but when I decided to start with Lora’s online course, everything changed: my appreciations of violin, the way of practicing, my practicing time increased by 90 percent because every bowing made sense. If I had a doubt how to play, I just repeated the video, and listened carefully. That is wonderful, and I improved a lot.

My family has noticed how I have improve since I take lesson with Lora. My friends cannot believe how well I play with online lessons, even my son’s Suzuki teacher.

Instead of spending time in transportation to go to a music school or private classes (which in my case was two hours), I spend this time practicing with Lora´s videos.

I find Lora’s method very good for adults. It is easy to understand, the explanations are very clear. One of the advantages is that I can take the lesson at any time. Lora is always available in the videos, and when I have some doubt or question, I write to Lora and she always answers clearly and responds to my questions.

This online lesson with Lora is one of my best investments, of money and time, I hope when I finish Suzuki 2 she have the lessons of Suzuki 3.

Eugenie VanZyl, from South Africa and Canada

I started my first violin lessons at the age of 57. My teacher then also used the Suzuki Book No 1 and bless her soul, but she did her best though she had very little knowledge of music notes. That did not put me off – I wanted to play the violin all my life and therefore continued with my lessons. I had lessons with small children of 7 yrs old as they were also beginners. I cannot say I liked that because here was I, a grown woman who took piano lessons and had all the knowledge of theory and scales, and here I was sitting in the same classroom with 7 year old kids. I then changed to another teacher who came to my house and gave me one-on-one lessons. Still Suzuki No 1.

Then I moved from South Africa to Canada and immediately found a violin teacher in town but his first instrument was the guitar – not the violin. I went to listen to a concert of all his pupils but in this time already “discovered” Lora and Reddessertviolin and felt I did not make a mistake by leaving his classes. His pupils’ way of playing the violin just did not attract me. I realized my way of playing was just the same as theirs – battling to produce a clear note.

What I like about Lora’s lessons are the following:

1. You might not have a one on one lesson because it is given over the internet, but it feels as if Lora is standing here in your home, teaching you. You do not feel there is a distance whatsoever between learner and teacher.

2. Lora knows where we as learners experience problems and therefore tackles it there and then. She will stop halfway between a line and remark on how not to play and what to watch out for. I like the remarks one can give after finishing a lesson and the feedback you soon get from her afterwards.

3. As I said previously, I know my scales from studying the piano from a young age and find it very interesting now to learn how Lora goes about with teaching us the scales on the violin – it is all about finger patterns. She talks of low twos and low fours and at first I did not know what she was talking about, but I soon came to realize that it was the way she taught pupils with no music theory or notes knowledge.

4. As a lady of 62 years of age, I never feel like she is talking to me as if she thinks I am too old and silly to learn to play the violin. She teaches me an instrument that I knew very little of and because it was always my desire to play the violin, I will never think of quitting, though it is not always easy to get my fingers to play what she wants them to do!

5. My initial experience was just satisfying from the start. I never got the feeling that I was paying for something which really did not suit my liking. It is money worth spent! I would be gone for months, without my violin, to South Africa and can just take up my violin when back and resume my lessons. At no time did I get a letter from Lora saying she is not happy with me because I am not at my lessons every week! I can carry on with my lessons where I last left off!

6. The lessons are structured so that one can always go back to previous lessons without having to ask Lora to repeat what she was saying – the internet is just so easy to follow! And you can listen to one lesson over and over again if you find it hard to understand. Nobody gets frustrated with this old lady!

7. Oh yes, the first few exercises in the beginning of each lesson are very helpful! I listen very carefully to each one and can test myself how I am doing! It is very rewarding, thank you!

Kitty, from Mocksville, North Carolina

I purchased a violin for my granddaughter who was taking lessons in a private school that she attended. The music teacher quit and my granddaughter tossed aside the violin. I took it back home with me to sell. But it really was such a beautiful instrument that I hated to sell it. So that’s when I started looking for online lessons and stumbled across Red Desert Violin.

And so my story begins. A life long desire to play an instrument. During my life I have taken piano lessons, drum lessons, and mandolin lessons. I invested years in each instrument! Only to have the same results. I was not able to play one little song. Should I give myself one more chance and try to learn how to play the violin? It really couldn’t hurt. Could it? So I picked up and the violin and started trying once more with Lora and Red Desert Violin and the Suzuki method.

Soon into my Suzuki lessons and to my delight I was playing Twinkle. I immediately performed it to my husband whose response was, ” What song was that?” Undaunted I pushed forward and soon my Twinkle got his response of, “Is Twinkle the only song you know?” I was thrilled he could tell I was playing Twinkle as squeaky as it was! My first song after all this time of trying to learn how to play an instrument! I was indeed proud of me and played Twinkle on and on in all the variations!

I now can play five songs! Not good but they are still songs. That is a feat that I had not been able to accomplish with four other teachers and youth on my side.

I am a slow learner. Music does not come easy for me. I wish it did but it doesn’t. Red Desert Violin and the Suzuki method caters to my type of learning. It enables me to be able to go over something as much as I need to. These lessons give clear and concise instructions and that is exactly what I need.

I am very blessed to be a student of Lora’s. She is a very helpful, concerned, and encouraging teacher. She shares of her knowledge and talent in a very unselfish way. I am glad that she has chosen to share her love of music and teach me what she knows. She has opened the door of music for me. A door that I thought could never be opened. And for that I am very grateful and blessed!

A Flexible Approach to Suzuki Violin for Adults

As these stories emphasize, one key to success for adult beginners who want to learn to play violin is flexibility (and I don’t mean fingers). Adults have busy lives full of commitments and important things that compete for their time. The Suzuki method is very forgiving in such circumstances. You just need a teacher or system that are equally forgiving and flexible.

Click this link for more information about online Suzuki violin lessons with Lora. And then, if you have additional questions for her or maybe for the studio members whose stories you read here, post your questions in the comments and we’ll make sure they get answered.