From time to time, if I find something that is useful, unique, cool as hell, free, or all of the above, I like to share it with my readers.

The other day I was filming and wanted to refer to one of my favorite violinists, Michael Rabin.

So there I was talking to the camera, when suddenly I realized that I can spell his name all day long but I do not know exactly how it is pronounced!

Well, I kept that camera rolling, jumped over to my laptop, and did a search for “Classical Music Pronunciation Guide”. Much to my delight, Iowa Public Radio came to my rescue with a nice PDF which quickly told me that “Rabin” is pronounced “RAY-bunn”.

I jumped back over to the camera and continued to film as if I had always known how to pronounce his name!

I downloaded all 26 alphabetized PDFs and glued them into one document for you. You can download it here.

Remember, this guide is free from, and remember to donate to public radio whenever possible. They enrich our lives with SO much.