Because, well, look where I live!

Okay, I don’t actually live up on this hill, but I live near Sedona, Arizona, where this gorgeous photo was taken. Something about the color of the rocks, the sunshine, and the sparseness of the vegetation resonates with me and I knew this blog had to have a desert connection.

Keeps me regular, and, I think, makes me sleep a little better as well. ? If you have a good relationship with your pharmacist, let him know your concerns about drug costs.

So that explains why I chose the name. Now let me tell you why I decided to start Red Desert Violin to offer great information and online violin lessons.

Red Desert Violin Can Fill Gaps in Rural Areas

Since I live in a rural area myself, I understand the isolation that some people in rural areas feel, particularly when it comes to services like music lessons and all the infrastructure that supports them. There are no music stores where I live. No instrument shops, piano tuners, or repairmen. No orchestras.

What is a parent supposed to do who knows the value of music and wants her child to take private violin lessons? The Internet seems to be a ready-to-go solution to this problem.

Red Desert Violin Lessons Are Super Affordable

For the much larger group of people who don’t live in rural areas, a great online violin lesson source is valuable, too. I know from personal experience how hard the recent recession has hit middle-class families. As we’ve seen in school districts all over the US, when budgets are tight, music instruction is the first thing to be cut. When one or both parents are underemployed or worse, many families simply can’t afford private violin lessons.

Again, the Internet is a fantastic tool to address this problem. Of course there is no substitute for in-person, one-on-one instruction from a great teacher. But if you can’t afford that, or if you can’t find that great teacher in your area, my online violin lessons are a high-quality, affordable solution.

Thanks for visiting! Please poke around the blog. It’s full of valuable information especially written for beginning violin students, their teachers, and their parents. We love it when readers leave comments to join in the conversation (and we read every one of them). Sign up for my newsletter to get a free report and learn more about online violin lessons from Red Desert Violin.