These are answers to the most frequently asked questions about my online violin lessons, called Fabulous Fundamentals.

Who are the lessons for?
I created the lessons with three groups of people in mind: those who cannot find a good teacher near them, those who move around a lot, and those who cannot afford in-person lessons. My lessons bring high-quality instruction to those groups. But really, any beginner who wants to study the Suzuki method can benefit from the lessons.

Should I sign up for my child?
Fabulous Fundamentals are targeted toward adult learners. If you want the lessons for a child, an adult will need to be very involved and with the child every step of the way. I only recommend that you sign up for a child if the child is extraordinarily motivated. And by that I mean her own motivation, not yours. 🙂

Can my computer handle online violin lessons?
If you have watched some of my videos, such as the free tone videos or anything on my YouTube channel without problems, then you’re probably set for Fabulous Fundamentals.

I recommend that you have a broadband internet connection just because it’s no fun to stream video with a dial-up connection. Fabulous Fundamentals would work with a dial-up connection, but you can also travel on a train by sitting on the roof. It just wasn’t designed to be used that way and it’s more aggravating than dog hair in your soup.

Also, it’s important to note that we are using high-speed servers to serve up the videos. I’ve tested the streaming speeds of these servers versus my own server that hosts, and they are noticeably faster.

How much time will I need to spend on lessons?
Each weekly Unit will have about 45-70 minutes of video for you to watch. I have broken the material into shorter video segments to enable you to index and find the material you need easily. This also allows you to watch it all in one sitting, or to break it up into little mini-lessons, whatever fits your schedule. So plan for about 1 hour per week just watching the videos for the first time.

How much time will I need to spend practicing?
These lessons are pretty flexible because I truly understand the busy adult’s schedule. In order to keep up the pace I have set for you, and to achieve the results that are possible with these lessons (to finish Suzuki Book 1 in 6-7 months and be able to play violin well, and have a solid foundation for any style playing), then you need to commit 3 hours of practice time per week (plus your 1 hour of lesson time).

This is the minimum, and although it’s better if you practice every day for 30 minutes or so, you can also practice double every OTHER day and still get good results. (total of 4 hours per week).

What if I get behind the schedule?
Again, I understand how crazy adult life can be, and I don’t want that to come between you and your dream of playing violin! So, if you complete the 7 month course, you will have access to the lessons for another 5 months to catch up, polish things, and enjoy the online support from me. After your first year is up, you will have access to your lessons for another 12 months, and the option to extend that time if you need to. Bottom line: you will have plenty of time to work through the course, however slowly you need to go due to life!

If you want to get a jumpstart on your Fabulous Fundamentals, you might want to go ahead and order Suzuki Book I. You can find it in many stores online, but we like

The Rest of the Details

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