Tips for Violin Bow Hand Technique

If we compare a violinist to a singer, then the bow is our lungs. If you want to sing louder, use more air, if you want to play louder, use more bow. There are just a few preliminary concepts to properly using the bow, and if you learn them from the very start, it can be a huge advantage!
Don’t worry…..I never learned these concepts until MUCH later in my career, so it’s never too late! But now is the perfect time for YOU. Start with these few simple preparatory exercises to teach your bow hand and bow arm some important balancing skills.

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Sample bow-hand lessons from Fabulous Fundamentals
My YouTube videos about violin bow hand

My YouTube channel includes several helpful videos on tone production.

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Volume vs. Intensity on Violin

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The Practice Coach: Bow Hold

I truly believe that 95 percent of the shaking bow is caused by two things: Your sounding point (highway) and your crooked bow. Learn how to stop your shaking bow.

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Bow Arm Mechanics

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