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Have you heard those schlubs who say adults can’t learn to play the violin? You know that weird look you get when you tell friends and family that you’re taking lessons?

They’re all wrong. Adults can learn to play just as well as kids. One of the best ways you can take responsibility for your learning as an adult is to work on the relationship between you and your teacher.

Like any relationship, this one takes time and effort.

If you feel like your teacher is “writing you off” or treats you as if you are an unworthy use of their time because you will never be like Heifetz and you’re not a child prodigy, there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Are you imagining this, due to some possible insecurities you might be feeling?
  2. Is this teacher good enough that you want to salvage the relationship with him/her? If this is a fantastic teacher, then you should probably spend some lesson time just to chat about what you want as a student, how you feel about their attitude toward you, and just work it out as openly and honestly as you can.Doing this will either make or break your relationship. If your teacher has a particularly large or fragile ego, they may react badly, but this isn’t your problem. (Try telling them lots of things you LOVE about their teaching style first….a spoonful of sugar).

    If it’s not your imagination, and you’re tried talking to the teacher, regardless of how great the teacher may be, FIRE THEM. You are paying them for their time, the same as anyone else, and you deserve to be given their full effort in your lessons.

You deserve to be given full attention and respect. But make sure you are giving yourself the same respect that you are asking of your teacher. Giving some time and effort to the relationship is a great way to do that.

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