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My online lessons featuring Suzuki book 3 are perfect for adult learners or child-parent teams who want to learn to play violin at their own pace and in their own space. Watch the videos as often as you like and take advantage of all the great practice aids we have to offer. You’ve got this!

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Suzuki Book 3 is where you set yourself apart from beginners with three crucial skills:


Book 3 dive into the rich world of musical interpretation. That’s how you take your playing to the next level of musical artistry.


In this class, you will be given special tools and tricks that help unlock your own personal musical expression. It’s one of my favorite things to teach!


True musicians are well rounded. This class puts music theory, music history, and the wide world of violin literature and music within your grasp.

What will you learn in my Suzuki book 3 class?

While I love teaching beginners through the first two Suzuki books, book 3 holds a special place in my heart.

You know that little spark of joy and satisfaction you get from playing a song well that you’ve worked hard to learn? This is the class that turns that spark into a flame!

Over and over, I’ve seen students’ eyes light up when they get it. When they realize they can make music, not just play the notes.

Those are magical moments. For some, they can even be life changing. You’ll have many of those moments in this course.

That’s because you’ll learn critical skills and concepts that help you create the mature sound and musical expression that separates you from the beginners.


Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to practice like a boss: This course teaches you diagnostic, effective, efficient practicing skills. Each unit includes a practice plan. First I develop the plan for you, but eventually, you will develop your own, customized practice plan. The course spends a significant amount of time discussing and implementing practice strategies, techniques, and tips.
  • All about fingerboard geography: To truly be an advanced player, you need to know the topography of your fingerboard, from every angle. You’ll learn more than you thought was possible about this special part of your instrument.
  • How to shift and to become fluent in third position: I’m very good at nagging people until they do what I want. And I want you to nail 3rd position! It opens up a whole new world of musical possibility.
  • Scale mastery: Most people don’t even know WHY we practice scales and arpeggios, let alone WHY. This class teaches both because scales and arpeggios are the mortar that allow you to build wonderful musical structures.
  • How to build on your hard work from Book 1 and 2: For example, I work diligently with students to help them implement their new vibrato into a working, beautiful vibrato. We continue to work on tone production and intonation, as well as focused ear training.
  • How to memorize pieces efficiently: Have you ever seen a violin soloist use sheet music while performing a concerto? How in the world do they memorize those complex pieces? You’ll learn some proven memorization tactics.

Plus so much more that I can’t even tell you! Why not take a look for yourself?

What Red Desert Violin Students Are Saying

People just like you are learning to play the violin with my lessons.

I tried to find out what I was doing with each hand to produce the ugly sound. So I paid close attention to my physical movements. Voila! Several of your lessons flashed before my eyes :). One was the three elements of tone production. Another was the dreaded broken chicken wing. A third was colle and hand. A fourth was left hand death grip. So I took them one by one to see what difference each would make. Again voila! The ugly sound went away. … I can now believe that I actually could get some tunes down well. And a change in a part of one’s limiting belief system is a very big deal from my point of view. So thank you and congrats on finding a way to do that for so many of us.
Jarl N.

Lansing, MI

When I started to play the violin, I tried several things to teach myself how. Traditional lessons were, at the time, completely out of the question since I was a truck driver full time, and out there in The Real World. … What you have is the best, and absolutely perfect, way for me to learn.

You’re fun! You have ways of teaching that suits me and my learning abilities. I can take my time, go at a pace that allows me to have a life also. You know, work and such. If I feel I want to take 2 weeks, or even more, to do a week lesson, well, so be it. You aren’t yelling at me to hurry up and get it already.

I did a lot of research before I settled on you. There are many choices for computer aided violin instruction out there. You were the most human, most fun, most real.

Karis B


I am a trained musician, and I have had teachers. Good teachers. But none have pointed out these fun, interesting, and IMPORTANT, tricks, techniques, and exercises like Lora does. When Lora shows something like RINGY NOTES or 3 pig races, or Practice your Bow in a Mirror, for example, and then she sums it up with: Do this every day and it will PAY OFF BIG TIME… or she says: You”ll get Lots of BANG for Your BUCK HERE… well, that motivates me!

And it’s really happening. I actually enjoy practicing for the first time in my life, and I’m 54. LOL It’s because the way Lora breaks it down, it’s do-able. You are able to take each little skill and see how and where you need to fix it. Then all the little skills fit together like a big puzzle that I finally realize is POSSIBLE for me to ACCOMPLISH. This is a very fun approach. THANK YOU

Cyd R

Ocala, FL

Members of the Red Desert Violin Suzuki Book 3 course get all of the following:

  • 24 lesson units which walk you systematically through the songs and skills in book 3
  • At least 8 videos per unit, for almost one hundred hours of instruction
  • A printable lesson summary and practice guide for each unit to help you make the most of your practice time
  • Practice aids you can print and keep beside your music stand, such as exercises, scales and arpeggios, shifting and third position drills, and much more
  • Help from me and your colleagues through the comments section of each unit
  • Access to all your lessons for 2 full years after your last payment
  • Unlimited personal access to my help and technical support for the duration of this course
  • Play-along videos where you practice the songs along with me in slow, medium, and fast tempo

Plus, downloadable audio files of all the book 3 songs so you can listen any time and train your ears. Absolutely Free!

One of the best things about online violin lessons from Red Desert Violin is that they walk you systematically through each book. We don’t just throw you into a pool of videos and hope you can swim. Here’s how you’ll conquer book 3:

  • Each unit and each lesson builds on the one before it. Your progress is a natural outcome of practice, repetition, and moving through the lessons in order!
  • You are given access to three entire units at a time, which is about 30 videos. Each 30 days or so, the system automatically opens up the next series of videos to you. The units don’t close, so even if you’re not ready for the next batch of lessons, you can still move at your own pace.
  • Your card is billed $47 each month for eight months. Enjoy continued access to all your lessons for two full years after your last payment. That’s nearly 3 years!
  • You may cancel anytime.
  • Access your lessons any time you want from your personal Red Desert Violin member portal.
  • Enjoy personal access to my help and technical support for the duration of this course.
  • Watch the videos as often as you like, on any device with a fast internet connection.
  • Download the audio files to play on the device of your choice.
  • 60-day guarantee. You will love these lessons, your money back.


  • Am I ready for Suzuki book 3? Before you take the class, I recommend that you have:
    1. Some proficiency in reading music. (I have a “Learn to Read Music” course if you need to brush up.)
    2. A grasp of how to do vibrato. (I will help you with the finishing touches and implement it in your playing, but you need a foundation. I have a violin vibrato course if you need to learn this first.)
    3. A good understanding of the basics of tone production and intonation
  • Can online lessons really be that good? If you have an in-person teacher you really like, then that is certainly the best route. But I have worked very hard to make sure these online lessons are the best they can be. If you follow my system, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your lessons experience.
  • Don’t I need contact with a live teacher? Yes! And I work very hard to shrink the distance between us. You can reach out to me anytime for the first year through the comments section. After the first year, you can purchase an extension to continue getting personal attention. I’ll always be there to answer questions personally and give support and encouragement.
  • What if I get started and it’s too hard for me, or too easy? Simply let me know. I can move you to book 2 or book 1 if this one is too hard for you. If it’s too easy for you, I can let you move faster through the course, or you can cancel your membership with no hard feelings.
  • Do I need to know how to read music? Yes. My book 2 course gave thorough and complete instruction on reading music. While the Suzuki philosophy emphasizes learning by ear, we are now at a level where we must learn etudes and exercises that are no longer feasible to learn by ear.
  • After book 1 and 2 do I still need to stick with Suzuki? Yes because Suzuki philosophy constantly reinforces what you learned in books 1 and 2, so it’s best to stick with the approach. In addition, as you start to learn musicality and expression, the Suzuki philosophy helps you acquire these skills more easily than you can with a traditional method.
  • How long will I have access to my lessons? You will have access for two full years after your final payment. After that, extensions can be purchased for $30 per year.
  • How quickly can I get through book 3? The class is timed to take you about eight months, but most people need longer. So if you need to take longer, go ahead. Everyone goes at their own pace and your pace is okay.
  • Do I have to buy the book? Yes. Think of it as building your library

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