Suzuki Book 2 at YOUR Pace

My online lessons featuring Suzuki book 2 are perfect for adult learners or child-parent teams who want to learn to play violin at their own pace and in their own space. Watch the videos as often as you like and take advantage of all the great practice aids we have to offer. You’ve got this!

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Students love Red Desert Violin online lessons for many reasons, especially because they are:


You can go at your own pace without any pressure and can review the videos as often as you like.


We believe in making music available to everyone. My lessons are a great value, with a lot of free supplemental material, at just $47 per month for 8 months.


My lessons follow a proven system I have perfected through more than 20 years of teaching people just like you.

What will you learn in my Suzuki book 2 class?

In Book 2, you will learn MAJOR skills that will propel your progress forward, specifically, intonation refinement, tone development, colle’ motion, fluent note reading, ear training, and vibrato.
If you cannot read music yet, THIS IS YOUR CLASS. You will get plenty of instruction on note-reading.
You will become proficient in 2 octave scales and arpeggios, various forms of detache’, tone color, as well as dynamics and phrasing.


Specifically, you’ll get:

  • Hours of high-quality online video that you can watch at your own pace.
  • All of the Suzuki book 2 pieces to play along with in slow, medium, and performance tempo.
  • Unlimited access to me for musical questions and tech support for the duration of this course.
  • Access to your videos for two full years after your final payment (that’s nearly 3 years!)
  • Downloadable MP3’s of me and a professional pianist playing the entire Suzuki Book 2 so you don’t have to buy the cd.
  • Downloadable MP3s of Suzuki Book 2, piano only, so that when you are ready you have a professional accompanist ready to play along with you.
  • Printable lesson summaries and practice assignments to help you stay on track without always having to watch the videos.

Plus, FREE access to my special course, Learn to Read Music, is included with your membership. That’s a $100 value absolutely free!


Members of my online violin lessons featuring Suzuki book 2 get all of the following:

  • 24 units which walk you systematically through the songs and skills in Suzuki book 2
  • At least 8 video lessons per unit, for almost one hundred hours of instruction
  • A printable lesson summary and practice guide for each unit to help you make the most of your practice time
  • Practice aids you can print and keep beside your music stand
  • Printable Suzuki book 2 supplemental materials such as exercises, scales and arpeggios, and more
  • Help from me and your colleagues through the comments section of each unit
  • Access to your videos for two full years
  • Free personal access to my help and technical support for the duration of this course.
  • Play-along videos where you practice the songs along with me in slow, medium, and fast tempo
  • Downloadable audio files of the entire book 2 repertoire with violin and piano
  • Downloadable audio files of piano-only tracks so you can go solo when you’re ready

One of the best things about online violin lessons from Red Desert Violin is that they walk you systematically through each book. We don’t just throw you into a pool of videos and hope you can swim. Here’s how you’ll conquer Suzuki Violin Book 2: 

  • Each unit and each lesson builds on the one before it. Your progress is a natural outcome of practice, repetition, and moving through the lessons in order!
  • You are given access to three entire units at a time, which is about 30 videos. Every 30 days or so, the system automatically opens up the next series of videos to you. The units don’t close, so even if you’re not ready for the next batch of lessons, you can still move at your own pace.
  • Your card is billed $47 each month for a total of eight months. Cancel anytime, but if you finish all of the payments, you get access to all of the videos for two full years after the final payment!
  • Access your lessons any time you want from your own Red Desert Violin member portal.
  • Watch the videos as often as you like, on any device with a fast internet connection.
  • Download the audio files to play on the device of your choice.


  • Am I ready for Suzuki book 2? Before you take the class, I recommend that you have:
    1. Fairly decent intonation with the finger tapes (we will work on removing the tapes together)
    2. Secure bow hold and violin posture
    3. Reliable and consistent left hand starting position
    4. If you have not yet started vibrato, no worries! I will give you everything you need to get up to speed.
  • Can online lessons really be that good? If you have an in-person teacher you really like, then that is certainly the best route. But I have worked very hard to make sure these online lessons are the best they can be. If you follow my system, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your lessons experience.
  • Don’t I need contact with a live teacher? Yes! And I work very hard to shrink the distance between us. You can reach out to me anytime during this course by email or through the comments section.
  • What if I get started and it’s too hard for me, or too easy? Simply let me know. I can move you to book 1 if this one is too hard for you. If it’s too easy for you, you might be ready for my Suzuki Book 3 class, or you can cancel your membership with no hard feelings.
  • Do I need to know how to read music? No. The class includes instruction on how to read music.
  • How long will I have access to my lessons? You will have access to your lessons for two full years after your final payment. After that, you can purchase extended access very affordably for as long as you want.
  • How quickly can I get through book 2? The class is timed to take you about eight months, but most people need longer.  Everyone goes at their own pace and your pace is okay.
  • Do I have to buy the book? No. Although it is not absolutely necessary to buy the book, as all the songs are taught by ear, I do recommend buying a copy as a learning aid…think of it as building your library

Ready to get started?

What Red Desert Violin Students Are Saying

People just like you are learning to play the violin with my lessons.

I am loving your lessons, Lora. I wish I had found your website seven years ago when I started this journey of learning violin. Your lessons are so detailed, and you present things in a way that I have to remind myself that it’s a video and not real life.
Donna P

Greenville, TX

I can’t say enough about your videos! I am so glad I found them, only wish I had started with them a year ago…could have saved a bunch of money in private lessons. These videos are truly wonderful.
Denis M

I’m really enjoying the lessons and have already learned things I was not exposed to in two years of lessons. My goal is improving my intonation and I am quite convinced that I will meet my goal!
Carol G

I believe you are helping to create a whole generation of musicians who would otherwise give up without you, and I really mean that. I see child after child quit it is so sad but I understand why they quit they need more help than 30-60 minutes a week but can’t afford more than that but you have solved that problem. I tell everyone I know about you but I don’t think I can really explain to them how wonderful you are they must try for themselves. Wow is all I can say along with many thanks!!
Cindy T

Hi Lora, As an adult player (I started 9 yrs ago at 54 yrs old) I wanted to let you know that your teaching style is what I have been looking for since I started. I am learning so much and feel confident that I can progress and learn to play the way I have always wanted.
Kathy B

Your video lessons are great for me. I tried previously to start playing violin but itwas too complicated, too many things at once. And I almost gave up, thinking that in my late forties it ought to remain an unreachable dream. But suddenly, I stumbled across your course, where you building up my skills one by one incrementally. And it just works!
Lev Y


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