Private Consultations with Lora

Where the rubber meets the road!

  • Get motivated!

  • Get unstuck!

  • Get assessed!

  • Get a plan!

There are many reasons for taking a private consultation:

  • You might be self-taught and need to check your technique
  • You might want a second opinion from your existing private lessons
  • You might have a list of burning questions

Benefits of taking a private consultation include: 

  • Catching and correcting bad habits before they become ingrained
  • Clear up misunderstood concepts
  • Get live corrections on the spot
  • A private consultation is highly motivating

I want to meet you! 

I do not want students to languish for years on my waiting list while they wait for one-on-one time with me. Instead of a waiting list, I have reserved time in my weekly schedule for private consultations so I can meet with students who desire a private lesson without having to wait for years to get it. We can get a lot done in just a couple sessions!

How To Get Your Consultation


Payment: Choose your package and complete your purchase using the payment buttons below.

Schedule Consult: You may email Lora at “” to arrange your consultation time. We will also reach out to you when we are notified of your purchase.

No Need to Prepare: You might consider any questions you have, your goals and your desires. You might have a specific problem you would like help addressing. You might not know what the heck you want! It’s okay! Through the consultation, Lora will help you define your goals, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

Lora will ask you to play ANYTHING you are comfortable playing. Based on this, she will asses your playing and help identify priorities for you to work on, as well as an overall progress plan.

Choose one 30 minute consultation for $40, one hour for $75, or 3 hours for $210.

What My Students Are Saying

Adult beginners and intermediate players like you are raving about my lessons.

“Lora Staples of RDV is a fantastic instructor! Her easy to use teaching videos cover every topic possible about the violin in a fun but well structured way. The beauty of it is that you can practice via the videos with Lora at a time convenient for you and go at your own pace! You can pause and replay if you didn’t quite catch something or just need to listen again.”

Deb S.

“People cannot believe how I have sort of come up from under a rock, and like, I can PLAY! So, I tell everyone who asks or doesn’t ask: about you. I actually enjoy practicing for the first time in my life, and I’m 54. LOL It’s because the way Lora breaks it down, it’s do-able. You are able to take each little skill and see how and where you need to fix it. Then all the little skills fit together like a big puzzle that I finally realize is POSSIBLE for me to ACCOMPLISH. This is a very fun approach.”

Cyd R.

“WOW, there is SO MUCH value in your videos. I am really learning a lot with each etude. I am so blessed to have found your courses. There are so much more expensive courses out there that give away a lot less compared to yours. This is just a shout to say THANK YOU for your nuggets of wisdom and the amount of detail that you put in for us your students.”

Frances C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to prepare something?

No. You can show up cold and still get HUGE benefits from a private consultation. However, you might have your own agenda, in which case you are in the driver’s seat and you may ask any questions or raise any issue you like.

I don't want to cheat on my current teacher!

I understand this hesitation. It is important and harmless to get input from multiple sources. Students use YouTube and Facebook to supplement their learning…so a private consultation with another teacher is just another resource. Some teachers might react badly if you tell them you took a consultation with another teacher. (it can hurt the ego) So you must decide whether to tell your teacher, or keep it private. Wanting additional input from other sources is perfectly normal and it is not betraying your teacher!

What is your refund policy for consultations?

I do not offer refunds from my private consultations.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime: