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Practice. You know you have to do it. But you’re a busy person with limited time and space. That’s why it is so important to learn to really make your practice time count.

You see, practicing the violin is kind of like running on the beach. It’s beautiful and the payoffs are awesome, but if you run on the loose sand, you spend twice the effort to cover half the distance.

The resources you see here are all about helping you avoid the loose sand. These documents, articles, and videos will show you how to bring efficiency and focus to your practice time so that you make maximum progress for the effort you put in.

Enjoy! (And make sure to scroll down to see all the great content.)

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Get your Ultimate Practice Guide
If you haven’t already, make sure you download your Ultimate Practice Guide. It’s a 30-page PDF that is brimming with tips and printable resources to help make your practice time as productive as possible.
Play alongs and other videos
Did you know that many of the playalong videos for my Suzuki violin courses are available to everyone? Click here to play along with me.

All of my courses feature detailed Practice Coach videos to help you get the most from your practice time. Sample a practice coach here

Look through these videos to find some that are useful to you.

This practice skill is MAGICAL
This practice method has proven very effective for my students and in my own playing. I call it “practicing in rhythms.”
Watch this video to get the foundation
Watch this demo to see it in action

Blog posts and articles

Listening in Violin Practice

Two main things separate truly professional musicians from dabblers: the way they listen and the way they practice. And guess what? The two are inseparable. Obviously, dabblers practice and they listen, but when you closely observe a professional practicing and...

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How to Play Violin Faster

Want to play cleaner, faster, and with greater dexterity? Download these exercises and watch the video to learn how to build these skills.

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