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Everyone can learn to play the violin, regardless of where they live, even in rural areas or when good teachers are hard to find. Music is for EVERYONE, regardless of family background or social status, and that’s why I created my online lessons to make music ATTAINABLE for every person, including you! Finally! Online lessons for beginners that take you systematically from novice through Suzuki Book 1!


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Have you struggled to find a teacher in your area?

Have you had to cut lessons from your budget?

Are you frustrated with your violin practice time, seeming to make no progress?

Do you move frequently and have to start over with new teachers?

Do you feel self-conscious about your form, tone, or intonation?


That’s why I developed my fabulous fundamentals online violin lessons!

My Lessons

Play on your iPad or other tablet.

Works for anyone with an internet connection.

Works on YOUR schedule.

Are more affordable than most in-person instruction.

Let me tell you about what’s in store!

Hi, I’m Lora from

If you’re looking for online violin lessons for beginners, you are in the right place. My video-based lessons take beginners step by step through Suzuki Book 1 using the method I perfected over 10 years of teaching private students. My online lessons are affordable, flexible, very high quality, and come with tons of supplemental materials to help you make real progress at your own pace.

Bottom line: if you have an Internet connection, a violin, and a strong desire, you can get a great foundation through my online lessons.

And there’s no risk because you can cancel anytime!


My Story

I started to take violin lessons at my school when I was in fifth grade. I fell in love with my instrument and knew that that  was what I wanted to do with my life.

But the next 15 years, frankly, were pure hell. I worked my tail off! (If you were here, I’d prove it. No tail!) I didn’t watch TV, didn’t go out with friends, I practiced on camping trips, on family vacations to Half Moon Bay. I never went anywhere without my violin.


I kept this up from 5th grade through a Master’s degree in violin performance. I buried my head in music and solitary practice. The best illustration of how single-minded I was, is that while living within 50 miles of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1998, I had not heard about it until Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to death. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING!!!!

WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME? It seemed like I practiced twice as hard as anyone else but only got half as far.  I asked my teachers, but they couldn’t help. Some didn’t believe I was practicing that much, and some (I could tell) just didn’t believe that I had what it took to make it. In the end I realized that I was practicing LOOOOONG hours, but no teacher had ever taught me how to practice effectively. 

But then I had an ephiphany that changed my life. 

I finally understood what was wrong during all those years of struggle when I took a course in Suzuki instruction. This class was supposed to train me to teach beginners, but instead, I was the one learning basic fundamentals that I had never been taught! 

Here I was, a professional violinist, and somehow I had missed out on some of the most basic fundamentals—fundamentals which the Suzuki Method routinely gives to its BEGINNERS! 

That was when I realized the value of the Suzuki Method and the value of learning to practice right, not just hard. I became passionate about teaching those fundamentals to my students so that they could progress quickly with less blood, sweat, and tears than I had spent. 

Watch the video above where I tell you a little more about that struggle and how it led me to think about online lessons. 


Why Online Lessons?

Simply put, because online lessons can serve many people who are not served by traditional, in-person lessons:

  • People living too far away from good teachers
  • People who move often and want some consistency
  • People who can’t afford in-person lessons

Watch the video to hear more about the advantages. In the video, I also discuss some concerns you might have about online lessons and why they might not be for everyone. My online lessons are specifically designed to take a beginning student all the way through Suzuki Book I. In a series of systematic videos that are easy to follow, I’ll help you build a solid foundation that you can use to reach your goals in any style of playing.

Video-based Lessons From


Tablet compatible

Watch the videos anywhere you want. Set your iPad, Android, or Windows tablet on your music stand and play along with Lora.


You get high-quality instruction from an experienced teacher for a fraction of the cost of in-person lessons.

Save you travel time

Remember, an in-person lesson isn’t just 30 minutes. It’s 30 minutes plus travel time, and that’s time that could be used for practicing or other things in your busy life.

Let you set the schedule

With Red Desert Violin, you can take a lesson when and where you want, fitting your violin around the other priorities in your life. You can even repeat lessons when you need a review.

 Make real progress, Fast!

You don’t have to spin your wheels like I did for years, struggling on your own with ineffective practice time. My online lessons include a Practice Coach to help you practice smart so that every practice minute counts.

Resources and interaction!

Unlike some video courses, I won’t just turn you loose and wish you good luck. I will personally answer all of your questions for the first year, and you’ll find tons of helpful resources in the members area.

So, if affordability, accessibility, or your busy schedule are all that is standing between you and learning to play the violin, 
wait no longer! Here it is! 

How Does it Work?

Immediately after signing up, you will go to a page where you can create your username and password. Then you’ll be able to log in and see your first month’s worth of lessons (four units). About four weeks later, four more units will be visible to you, and so on until you finish the seven month course.

Some people will say, “But I can go faster than that!” That might be true, but I have found that it’s crucial for students to take the appropriate time for skills to solidify. That is why new lessons come every four weeks. This approach offers flexibility, but a pace that is like the pace we would follow if you were my private student.

The videos are organized in a series of units that build in a logical sequence, skill upon skill, until you have successfully finished Suzuki Book 1 in about seven months. If you don’t finish in that time, it’s OK! You’ll have access to the videos for two full years. If you need even longer than that, no worries! You can purchase extended access for as long as you want.

The videos are easy to follow and you can return to them later if you can’t work through all of them in one sitting.

Each unit also includes practice guidance and homework to help you stay on track. You will also have a personal practice assistant (me!) in the form of the “Practice Coach” videos, which help you learn to practice efficiently.

But here, let me show you.
This video is a sample from the lessons in Unit Five: In addition to instructional videos like the one above, you will also have access to indispensable play-along videos. For example, you will have videos of me playing every piece in Suzuki Book 1 in slow, medium, and fast speeds. You can play along with me as you practice! 

I’ll also give you videos of me playing each song with a professional pianist so that you can see and hear how each piece is supposed to sound when performed with a pianist. Then, when you’re ready, you can “fly solo” by playing along with the free MP3 accompaniments you’ll get as a bonus for signing up today.

How good are online lessons?

Let me be perfectly honest with you: online lessons are NOT a long-term substitute for live, in-person lessons from a fantastic teacher.

However, they are better than not taking lessons at all! In certain circumstances, they can be preferable to lessons from an inferior teacher.

  • If you live too far away from good teachers…
  • If money is tight and you have to cut private lessons from your budget…
  • If your family moves often and you want some consistency in your violin learning…

…then online lessons might be a good solution.

Furthermore, online lessons with are MORE effective than many, MANY private teachers out there.

Now, if you have a chance to study privately with a TOP NOTCH teacher (and I mean the real deal, not just someone who is good at smoke and mirrors), then I would tell you “GO FOR IT!” Otherwise, I’m going to tell you give Red Desert Violin a try! You WILL learn to play well with me as your guide.

But don’t I need interaction with the teacher?

Yes! And I’ve worked hard to make sure you get it. That’s why is structured as a membership site. I found that the monthly membership keeps students committed and allows me to continue giving support and encouragement through your first year of study.  Some online violin lessons just take your money, give you access to the product, and then you are on your own. I will NOT just sell you the materials and say, “Good luck.” Ask as many questions as you need to! You have access to me for an entire year!

Red Desert Violin is an interactive learning environment and you will NOT be alone! You can post questions, which I will personally answer through your first year, and you will belong to an entire community of Red Desert Violin students.

But it gets better. My FAVORITE feature of my online lessons, and the thing that I think sets us apart from others is the Practice Coach feature. The Practice Coach is a video of me going through an intense, focused practice session for each unit. You can follow along, doing what I do, and you will be practicing smart, not just hard. And once you fall into one of my traps, you will never forget that technique again! (You’ll have to sign up to find out if you’re smart enough to stay out of the traps!) This is a value you can’t even get from in-person lessons.

I think the key to success on the violin is knowing how to practice. If you are practicing correctly, you are going to be successful. You will walk away from every practice session feeling fulfilled and knowing that you accomplished something!

What is the Suzuki Method?

I teach the Suzuki philosophy, techniques, and materials for several reasons:

  • Delayed note reading allows focus on posture, tone, and intonation.
  • The Suzuki method trains your ear. By the end of this course, your ear will quickly recognize pitches, where they are on your violin, and what fingering and bowing is being used.
  • Suzuki materials are structured in a logical sequence, making progress very natural. Each step builds on the last, and reinforces skills already learned.
  • Finally, Suzuki Book I provides a fantastic foundation for ANY STYLE of violin playing you may want to learn. If you intend to learn jazz, blues, or fiddle style,  you will find that the skills you learned in Book I will flow right into these styles.

If you follow my methods and practice like I’ll teach you to practice, you will have this fantastic foundation and finish Suzuki Book 1 in about seven months.



Here is one of my current students playing “Lightly Row” after a little over a month in Fabulous Fundamentals.

I have had a couple of real life, in-person violin teachers in the past whom I’ve paid a considerable amount of money to. However, I’ve already (week one), learnt an awful lot of things which neither of them taught me (and which I’m pretty annoyed about!). I can only imagine how I’ll have been transformed in 7 months time… the neighbours should thank Lora anyway. … Lora has been very prompt answering my numerous beginner questions and the videos have been very informative (as has the ability to watch them over and over again without seeming dumb as you would with a real life tutor).

-Tim W.

I am loving your lessons, Lora. I wish I had found your website seven years ago when I started this journey of learning violin. I am getting so much more out of your online lessons than I did with my face-to-face teacher. Your lessons are so detailed, and you present things in a way that I have to remind myself that it’s a video and not real life.

– Donna P.
Greenville, TX

I also went back and reviewed almost all of Unit 3 and Unit 4 videos again. That’s a good thing about these on-line videos! It’s amazing how much MORE information your videos reveal (like the string crossing issue) the second or third time around after I’ve actually had the time to experience what you are talking about…I’m a happy camper now!

– Mark R.

You are very special, as a professional teacher and as a person. (After trying three teachers, I know how important it is to be the right person before being the right teacher). You have a vision and are truly prepared to be successful on your new avenue/ adventure of online teaching, even though you are still exploring the technical part. You are insightful with solid experience yet open minded. I tried to apply your guide “EFERD” (Efficient, Effective, Focused, Result-Driven- sorry, I changed the order to make the abbreviations sound like the word “effort”)a couple of days ago on my son’s home practice, and it worked almost immediately. You confirmed lots of my thoughts. I wish I could see you in person.

– Sunny H.

People all over the world have written to tell me how much they have learned from my online videos, and these lessons will help you this much and more when you are a member.

I’ve Heard Enough! How Much?

Video-based lessons in logical sequence from novice through Suzuki Book 1
Practice tips and assignments to keep you on track 
Red Desert Violin’s unique Practice Coach feature
Free interaction with me and other students through the comments section
Free downloadable piano accompaniments (MP3) of all the songs in Suzuki Book 1
Tons of helpful resources, such as a Q & A archive to answer questions frequently asked

Are you ready to make real progress on your violin? I’ll help you get started!

You will develop confidence because you will know you are doing things correctly.

You will develop self-sufficiency, 

and you will know when you are playing in tune or out of tune.

You will know how to consistently produce great sound and tone!

Regardless of how or where you apply the skills you learn at Red Desert Violin, 

you will FOREVER know how to practice to get the results you want!

ALL for $47 USD per month! 

Your credit card will be billed once for $47 when you sign up, then every 30 days after that for 6 more months (7 total payments). Cancel any time.


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Video-based lessons in logical sequence from novice through Suzuki Book 1.

Practice tips, assignments, and unit summaries to keep you on track

Access to the videos for two full years

Unlimited access to your instructor and tech support for one full year

Red Desert Violin’s unique Practice Coach feature

Free unlimited interaction with other students through the comments section and forums

Free downloadable piano accompaniments (MP3) of all the songs in Suzuki Book 1

Tons of helpful resources such as Q&A archive to answer questions frequently asked

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