Learn to Read Music

If someone told you about a class that could teach you to read music in 90 days, would you take it?

Most people think it takes much longer than that. It simply doesn’t.

My next online music class is ready! Learn to Read Music will teach you to read music proficiently in 90 days.

Have you always wanted to learn to read music?

If you are like lots of other grownups, you think it’s too hard–all those funny lines and notes on bars!

My online course makes it simple! It uses the same philosophy I use in all my courses: break a skill down to its simplest building blocks, then put the blocks together one at a time. It is a method that has worked for hundreds of students.

And here’s a secret. Learning to read music is much easier than learning to read tablature!

In 90 days you will be able to read music proficiently.

It’s okay if you’ve procrastinated!

Not everyone has the opportunity to learn in grade school! And you don’t have to. Now is a great time to stop kicking yourself every time you struggle to learn a new tune. It’s so much easier when you can read music! And that skill is just 90 days away.

Can you be a great performer if you don’t know how to read music? Sure. Many good folk musicians cannot. But why not have that extra tool in your fiddle case? You’ll be surprised how things “just click” when you know that a tune is in the key of C Major and you know what that means!

What can I expect?

Well, let me just show you. You’ll get approximately 60 videos like this:

Plus some awesome tools like free sheet music and Scorch files that you can play along with while the notes are highlighted. Kind of like karaoke for beginning music readers!

So, come on. Just do it. It opens a whole new world to you beyond playing by ear, and that world is awesome!

Watch the first video above to get answers to all of your questions, and then click one of the buttons below to get started.

Note: If you plan to take my Suzuki Book 2 course, don’t sign up for Learn to Read Music because it will be included with Suzuki Book 2.

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$35 per month for three months
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  1. Carolyn Keeler

    I have just started the lessons for violin 1-4 ready for 5,6,7,8,and can read notes in treble clef can I take this course? I can play organ, saxophone already. I want to learn to play songs I am familiar with. Patriotic songs, Church songs, Christmas music, and example Bless This House, You Will Never walk Alone to start with.If I am familiar with the song I can usually play with music.
    Carolyn Keeler