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As you might know, has been around for a few years now. In that time, I’ve created a LOT of content designed to help beginning and intermediate violin learners make real progress.

Blog posts, articles, videos and audio, printable documents and more…it’s all here in the Red Desert Violin universe.

That is…IF you can find it. 🙂 There’s so much content, in fact, that one of the main challenges readers face now is knowing where to start.

This membership is designed to solve that problem. It will give you a front-row seat to the best free content and resources I have created since we launched back in 2010.

Simply sign up for the free membership by clicking the button below, and then check your email to confirm your subscription. Every 10 days or so, you’ll get a message that leads you to resources on a particular topic, such as practice tips, tone, technique and troubleshooting, and so on. Follow the links in the messages, and they will systematically walk you through the hundreds of posts, pages, and videos that are available to you for free.

With your free membership to My Red Desert Violin, you get the insiders-only view:

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Got Questions?

  • If I’m already a member of one of the paid courses, should I still sign up for this free membership? Probably. You are already a member of, so you already have access to the members portal. HOWEVER, you won’t receive the email messages that walk you through free content unless you sign up. Current members of a paid course should click here to sign up instead of the button below.
  • I’m already signed up for your Practice Tips Newsletter. Do I still need to sign up for this free membership? I recommend that you do. There might be some overlap between the two, but this one will guide you through all of the best free content on the blog and YouTube channel PLUS give practice tips. The Practice Tips Newsletter is just for practice tips.