Do you have regular, recurring pain when you play the violin?

It’s amazing how the repetitive motions that we engage in everyday can cause pain. And not just pain, but tension, pinched nerves, poor posture and general misalignment of the body. These bad habits can affect your playing and over time can cause real damage to your body.

Being a violinist can challenge the body. With all of the unnatural positions we hold and the long hours we spend in those positions, it’s no wonder that you might be experiencing upper body pain or tension.

However, there is a way of training the body to move in a manner that honors it, and allows for more physical endurance and flexibility. That method is called the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique in short teaches a person how to use their muscles within a range of motion that is far less restrictive. This expanded range helps to relieve tension and helps you engage in those motions longer, with greater endurance, and with less pain. The Alexander Technique also helps a person to retrain the body to eliminate bad habits of posture and motion that create tension. The Alexander Technique teaches a person to become aware of their bad habits, while replacing those with healthy habits that encourages healthy range of motion.

You can learn more how the Alexander Technique can help you, in this informative video introduction. For more information, visit The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique.