I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been in a cave lately.
Well, not really. But it feels like that.
For almost a year, I have been totally absorbed in creating my online violin lessons for Suzuki book 3. I am so happy to announce that they’re finally all finished!

Did you know I was only two steps ahead of you?

This course opened to students back in August of 2015, when I was only about half finished with the filming. Those of you who signed up in August lit a fire under my butt to finish the rest of it as quickly as possible.
And your input was so important– thank you! I used some of your suggestions and ideas in later videos.
Still others of you let us know about errors in the videos or documents. This allowed us to correct them so that the videos could be in great shape for those who came after. Thank you, too!

A look at what’s coming

As you can see, these classes don’t happen overnight, and they take hundreds (even thousands) of hours to create.
May I share some of my upcoming items on my wishlist with you? I welcome your input and ideas, since some of the best ideas have come from my readers and students. Here are some things I’m tossing about. What are your favorites, or what would you like that is not listed here?

  • Total Beginner Fiddle class (child-friendly, shorter videos, easy progression)
  • Translate Suzuki Book 1 into Spanish
  • Repertoire Tutorials (for American Fiddle, Bluegrass, Old Time, Classical, even Rock tunes)
  • Scales Classes (One octave, Two Octave, and Three Octave, you choose which level you want)
  • Wohlfahrt Studies (1 video for all 60 of the Opus 45 etudes)
  • Old Time Fiddle class (to go hand in hand with the Banjo Class, so students can learn both instruments using the SAME TUNES)

Thank you!

I am feeling very fortunate to have Red Desert Violin be my full time job. There is NOTHING else I would rather do, and so let me just take a moment to tell all of you “THANK YOU!” A tree that falls in the middle of the woods can only make a sound if someone is there to hear it!