Hi Everybody. Joe here. I am Lora’s technical assistant at RedDesertViolin.com. I have an exciting announcement to make. Well, some of you will be excited, because you’ve emailed me about this issue.

For a few boring technical reasons, Lora’s online violin lessons for the Suzuki method (Suzuki Book 1, a course called “Fabulous Fundamentals”) have only been available for Windows PCs. They wouldn’t play on iPads because they were in FLV format, and Steve Jobs swore that Flash would never be allowed on Apple products. They were also difficult to view on other tablets.

Watch Your Violin Videos on Smartphones, iPads, and Other Tablets

With the world going mobile, and more and more people requesting lessons on iPad, we just had to make the switch. We’re changing the video player service and we’re changing the format. We are also redesigning the site to play better with tablets.

What does this mean to you?

  • Bigger video playback area
  • Better resolution
  • Better playback (no more problem of videos hanging in the middle of playback)
  • Videos will play on iPad
  • Easier, touch friendly navigation with other tablets

Now if you have a tablet or smartphone, you can have Lora on the music stand right beside your sheet music, or wherever you want to view the lessons.

We are making this change just as fast as we can. Unit 1 of Suzuki Book 1 is already converted, and the other videos will be converted in the coming days. Suzuki Book 2 online violin lessons are already tablet compatible, and we will soon also convert the online fiddle lessons to the tablet format, as well.

The Catch

There’s only one downside: The new video service and the site redesign were friggin’ expensive! So finally, after 2+ years at a steady price, Lora’s online violin lessons are going up in price when most of the changes are finished. If you sign up (or signed up) before we make that change, you’ll get the old price of $47 per month for 7 months. If you wait, you’ll pay more. I can’t say when this will happen (because I don’t know, not because it’s a secret), but it will probably be during the month of July.

So if you have been thinking about signing up, this is a really good time. You’ll get low-price lock in and tablet compatibility. Check out all the details about Lora’s online violin lessons here.