But first, a riddle:
What do hummingbirds, radio frequencies, and good musicians all have in common?

Answer below!

Red Desert Violin is approximately one year old this month. I set out to provide a good source of information for violinists of all shapes and sizes, with a special focus on the adult beginner.

One of my goals was to offer online violin lessons for those who struggle to find an in-person teacher. Those lessons are up and running and we have a wonderful group of students.

My next goal is to create an e-mail newsletter that sends valuable violin practice tips to your inbox approximately every month.

Issue #1 is ready and it’s all about rhythm. That’s the answer to the riddle! Hummingbirds, radio frequencies, and good musicians all have an impeccable sense of internal rhythm.

If you don’t have it, you might not even know it. My best friend growing up was a lousy singer. Couldn’t carry a tune if it were bolted to his head. But he sang his heart out when the occasion called for it. You might be playing and tapping your heart out and be completely out of step. And if that’s the case, the best metronome in the world won’t help you.

But my newsletter will! It will give you concrete practice ideas you can use right away to develop that internal rhythm.

And the next issues, spread out over a year, will give the beginning adult practical, hands-on practice tips that I guarantee will improve your playing and practice time effectiveness.

How To Sign Up

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