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So you’ve decided on private lessons, huh? It’s a good decision.

Kids who play in school orchestras and other groups learn a lot and it’s a terrific social experience. But if you really want your child to excel with the violin, private lessons are non-negotiable.

But you already know that. You’re here because you made the decision to go with private lessons but you want to know how to choose a good violin teacher.

Do you go with the one who teaches at the music store? The one your daughter’s friend is taking lessons with? The cheapest one you can find? Your sister-in-law? You probably already have a lot of options. But how do you know if the teacher is any good?

First, Does the Teacher Matter?

Some will tell you that it doesn’t matter, or that any teacher will do, especially with young children.

This is not true. The teacher matters a great deal. In fact, the teacher might just make all the difference in the world. If you doubt me, read more about my early experiences here.

How To Choose a Good Violin Teacher: The Red Desert Teacher Evaluation Tool

It matters so much, in fact, that I spent many hours creating a checklist to help you evaluate potential teachers.

My checklist will help anyone evaluate potential violin teachers, even if you have no musical knowledge or experience. Click here to get it.