How to Play Violin Expressively

Expressive violin playing makes the critical difference between beginners and intermediate players. It’s the difference between just playing the notes and making music. It is the subject of the resources listed here, and I focus heavily on it in my Suzuki book 3 online violin lessons course.

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Decide if You Need Ear Training

This ear training lesson comes from my Suzuki Book 1 class.

This ear training lesson comes from my Suzuki Book 2 class.
Every one of my courses includes dozens of ear training lessons because it is SO important for your success!

More instructional videos on ear training:
How to Play By Ear Part 1 (Basics of Ear Training)
How to Play By Ear Part 2 (From Memory)

Blog posts and articles

How to Play By Ear

Playing by ear is indistinguishable from ear training....they are mirror images of each other....with memorization stuck somewhere in between. Here are a few tips to help you dive right into playing by ear. 1) Most important for playing by ear is EAR TRAINING Without...

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How to Train Your Ears

Playing tunes by ear is just one of the many benefits of ear training. People think ear training is a big mystery, and they have no idea how to go about doing it, so they don't. But it's simple. Here are 5 steps you can take to put your ears through boot camp. Go in...

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My Unfortunate Specialty: Cramming (In 5 Steps)

How to learn a lot of tunes really fast YES, I have this down to a science! I regularly have to cram 50 new fiddle tunes into my head and fingers, to sit in with a new band, or playing in unfamiliar circles. I try not to cram classical music as blatantly, but I have...

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Listening in Violin Practice

Two main things separate truly professional musicians from dabblers: the way they listen and the way they practice. And guess what? The two are inseparable. Obviously, dabblers practice and they listen, but when you closely observe a professional practicing and...

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