Did you know Red Desert Violin has a YouTube channel? It does, and if I do say so myself, it has a lot of great content.

Video has been an important part of the vision for Red Desert Violin from the beginning. It is vital to show some of the concepts I write about here, and sometimes the only way to do that is with a camera.

My YouTube videos do a pretty good job of pointing viewers here, but this blog doesn’t do such a great job of sending readers ┬áthere.

So here is the official notice. If you are not already a viewer of my channel, please have a look! You’ll find practical advice, violin practice tips and instrument tips, and much more. Kind of like what we do here, but with a video camera instead of written text.

Here are the latest additions (the resolution is better when you’re at the YouTube site and can choose high definition):

Common Causes of Bow Bouncing

Rubber Band Trick for Problem Bow Pinky or Thumb