The present moment is the PERFECT time to pick up violin!
Next year is too late.
Tomorrow is too late.
TODAY is the PERFECT day to begin! 🙂

One thing that makes me sad and irritated all at the same time is when I hear people insinuate that there is a certain “age” when a person should begin to learn violin. If you miss that magical age, well, sorry Charlie, you are too late!

I have hundreds of adult violin students who are totally kicking butt! I am giddy with pride and excitement for them!

I have said it before, but I don’t think it can be said too many times:
While children have special gifts when learning new things, adults also have special charms in their bag of tricks that make them excellent learners.

Children absorb things very quickly because they do not question or analyze things. They just soak it in through every pore.

Adult violin beginners have some advantages

Adults who are learning to play the violin have more analytical brains which question, challenge, and process new information.

This slows adults down, certainly, but adults are also endowed with longer attention spans, ability to set goals, a mature work ethic, and often, a burning desire to learn violin that has been postponed for many years. What is left is a pent-up desire to embrace the violin and to make it sing!

This brings me to another advantage adults have: they have a “sound” in their ears that they are trying to achieve, because they have spent their lives listening to GREAT MASTERS playing violin or fiddle music.

So their concept of sound is very advanced! This often frustrates them until I explain that their frustration comes from the high bar they have set for themselves. I give them the option of lowering the bar, or continuing to strive through the frustration. Not one single student has chosen to lower the bar. Interesting.

Children often have more time to practice, and a supportive adult making sure they get it done.

Adult students are incredibly limited in their free time, but they have excellent time management skills, and the ability to turn their focus on full blast for the short time they have.

As you can see, for every advantage a young violin student has, adult violin students have a reciprocal advantage.

So, don’t succumb to that old fable that you missed the starting gun!
The present moment is the PERFECT time to pick up violin!
Next year is too late.
Tomorrow is too late.
TODAY is the PERFECT day. Click here to begin!