Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fabulous Fundamentals: Suzuki Violin Book 2

Learn Suzuki Book 2 in Eight Months

As a member of Fabulous Fundamentals: Suzuki Book 2, you get:

  • Hours of high-quality online video that you can watch at your own pace
  • All of the Suzuki book 2 pieces to play along with in slow, medium, and performance tempo
  • Access to me as your teacher when you need help
  • Downloadable MP3s of the entire Suzuki Book 2 so you don’t have to buy the cd
  • Downloadable MP3s of Suzuki Book 2, piano only, so that when you are ready, you have a professional accompanist ready to play along with you
  • Printable lesson summaries and practice assignments to help you stay on track without always having to watch the videos

Plus, FREE access to my special course, Learn to Read Music, is included with your membership. That’s a $100 value absolutely free!

Ready to Get Started? Here Are the Details

  • $47 per month for eight months. Your card will be securely billed by Clickbank. Once today, then every 30 days seven more times.
  • Access to the lessons for as long as you need them. Review as often as you like.
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • Cancel anytime
  • Click the Buy Now button to start your course today

If you still have questions after watching the video and reading the information above, ask me in the comments section and I’ll answer you right away!


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  1. Barrie Clyne

    Hello Lora,
    I’ve watched your presentations on You Tube with fascination and gratitude.
    Having learned much there already. My intention is to sign in for a Suzuki course upon our return from summer vacation towards end on July next.
    So thanks for the facility and I shall look forward to joining in due course.
    Regards Barrie
    (B. E. Clyne) Southern Hampshire UK

    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Barrie!
      You will be most welcome when your vacation concludes! Take your time. I hope you have a lovely vacay!

  2. Stephanie Lenz

    Hi Lora!

    I am still working my way through Suzuki book 1. I am starting lesson 18 today. I would love to take advantage of the price on Suzuki Book 2….is there any way I can do that and still finish book 1? I am really enjoying the lessons. In fact, my husband came in the house while I was practicing yesterday and he told me that I sounded really good! He even wanted me to play Etude for him! Its all thanks to your amazing lessons. :-) I am really looking forward to book 2!

    Thank you!

    1. Lora Post author

      Stephanie, I forwarded your question to tech support. But for the sake of everyone reading this, the answer is YES! You can sign up now, and it will be waiting for you when you are finished with Book 1.
      (let me know if you didn’t get response from tech support, but i”m sure you did)

      HOORAY for YOU! That’s such a great story about your husband! What a compliment to both of us! Keep up the great work!

  3. Chloe

    Hi Lora,
    I recently stumbled upon your Suzuki course through your YouTube. I’m considering maybe taking it but I am not sure if it is for me, and $57USD per month is a lot of money for me, particularly when I have to commit to recurring billing. I have been playing violin for about seven years (I was an adult beginner) but illness and incompatible teachers have meant that my progress has been very slow and I am now very frustrated at my lack of progress in practice sessions. There is a lot I want to learn but I have no idea where to start, and I find it very difficult to learn things by myself, I function much better with a teacher telling me what to do and structuring my lessons for me. I overwhelm myself very easily. Unfortunately going back to lessons is just not realistic for my budget and having had bad teachers in the past has scared me off.
    I have never done Suzuki. I was taught the traditional method which I find very frustrating because I now have a reliance on musical notation and I am terrible at playing by ear which is not good for someone who’s goal it is to be in a band and be creative and write my own music as opposed to someone who just wants to sit in an orchestra pit.

    One thing that is of particular concern to me is vibrato. I taught myself vibrato off watching YouTube videos but I am not great at it and I really want to improve my technique. I am using it in everything I play but I am just not making any improvements.

    I am learning third and fourth position but I still have my guide tapes on (I use a “don’t fret” sticker) I am ok playing in first position without it and have done so in the past but I still have it on because I am trying to learn 3rd and 4th position.

    I am particularly frustrated with not being able to play fast. I downloaded your speed and dexterity exercises and they really brought it home to me that I have a lot of tension in my left hand when I do certain finger patterns (in particular the one that goes  C E D E on the A string. My second finger wants to move forward to C# and my third finger collapses. And my hand feels really tense and hurts. I don’t know how to correct this.  I have always been aware this problem was there but I never worked on trying to correct it and just avoided doing that particular finger pattern.

    If you could let me know what you think and give me some insight into the content of your suzuki course that would be really great.

  4. Laura

    Hi Lora,

    I am going to start with your classes, I just don’t know where to begin. I have been learning through my 6 year old’s lessons. She is learning Suzuki method, and is starting book 1 with her teacher. From her lessons, I have a good bow hold, etc. I taught myself twinkle twinkle by ear. I would really like to go straight to fiddle fundamentals and skip the suzuki stuff. What do you think? I know it would be better to do the Suzuki book one and two, I just feel impatient!

    Thanks, Laura


    I am still signed into Book one. Could you tell me for how long. I am very happy to continue into book two. Should I sign up now to save a bit of money.
    I should like to say how much I am enjoying the courses. Your explanations are very clear. I appreciate your honesty when things go a little wrong and you obviously have a good sense of humour. I am 73 and started to play in June. I do have a private lesson once a week and my teacher suggested I work for Grade one. I don’t feel ready yet but working with you will give me the needed confidence. Thank you.
    Regards Juliet

    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Juliet! I’m so glad you are enjoying the lessons!
      You will continue to have access to Book 1 for as long as you continue to make forward progress. I know it takes some people a couple years to get through these things, and I will not cut you off mid-way!

      I don’t like to say you’ll have it “forever”…but you will have it for a loooong time.

      I’m afraid the price has already gone up on Suzuki Book 2, so you don’t need to rush to sign up for that.
      However, if you think you are interested in learning to fiddle, the fiddle class is a great follow-up from Suzuki Book 2…it uses all the skills you learned, plus it’s just fun.
      The price on the fiddle class has not gone up yet, but it will be going up in a couple weeks or so.
      To sign up for that, you can go here.

      If your teacher thinks you can tackle grade one, I say GO FOR IT!!! Even if you try and don’t make it, you will have a clear idea of what you need to work on. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  6. Leah Knight

    Hi Loralyn, my 13 year old daughter has been taking lessons for 3 years, would she be ready for book 2 or should she start with book 1?
    Thank you,

    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Leah!
      I would think she could handle Suzuki Book 2, if she had really good training before. If you start it, and discover it is too much, or too hard, please just communicate with me. I will make sure it’s a good fit, or else you can cancel.
      Book 2 will keep her busy for well over a year. It is jam packed with TONS TONS TONS of exercises and techniques.
      Hope to see you both in the studio!

  7. Justin

    Heya Lora,

    I’ve been studying the violin through a private teacher on and off for the better part of this year (Actually very close to graduating the first book – with just my tutor’s nod of approval for Gavote awaiting). While I enjoy the lessons, they can be quite few and far between due to both our sporadic schedules. Browsing through your sample units for the book 2 course got me interested in possibly taking up your lessons in conjunction with my (now rare-ish) private lessons.

    Your videos really highlight my need to learn how to practise effectively (correctly even), whilst not in the presence of my tutor, and you seem to be much more thorough in the explanation and execution of foundational and technical aspects of playing the violin (you appear to prepare students for challenges ahead of time, while my tutor addresses the tricky stuff as it pops up). However, I still find the face-to-face interaction of my private tutor an absolute necessity, especially when it comes to the correction of subtle things I simply don’t notice.

    Do you think trying to juggle two teachers is insanity, or are there parts of your course that I can cherry pick and use it to work alongside my existing studies?

    Thanks for your time Lora, and all your fabulous resources you provide :)

  8. Tiffany

    I have been learning violin for about one year, for the first 6 months I taught myself from watching you tube videos and the last 6 months I have been taking private lessons. I am just about to finish “All for Strings: Comprehensive String Method, Book 1″ and I am considering joining your Suzuki Book 2 online course. I have the Suzuki Book 2 already but have not spent much time in it because only 6 months ago I started sight reading and learning to count. I think that I may be ready to start again but I was wondering before I register for this course do you think that this would be the right move for me. I do know all of the notes in first position and I am still mastering the intonation. I removed my finger tapes recently and realized I am now over shooting the notes so I am considering putting them back on to more prefect my ear and finger placement.

    From watching your sample videos I really like how it seems as though the lessons build on each other. I also need some practice guidance, because that is probably and area of weakness for me, I am always wondering when is practice enough and when it should I spend a little more time. I think that I will really like the practice coach.

    Anyway, I just wanted to seek a little more information about the lessons before I take that step.


    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Tiffany!
      Nice to meet you! I’m glad to hear that you found a private teacher. HOpefully, they got you started right with lots of guidance with posture, left hand form, bow hold, and basic mechanics of the bow arm, ear training, intonation, and beautiful tone production.

      If those words sound familiar, and you know you worked on it with your teacher, then I think my Suzuki Book 2 class would be fine for you. My Suzuki Book 2 class starts with TAPES ON the fingerboard, and we work diligently to train our ears and fingers to find their way without the tapes, so by the end of the book, you will have all your tapes off. (at your own pace)

      I also tried to do a “quick review” of certain concepts taught in Book 1 for the benefit of people who skipped my book 1 class….but I didn’t want to make my Book 1 students suffer through it all over again, so any time I reviewed stuff, it is a quick, cursory review.

      Like I said, hopefully your teacher worked with you on the same stuff during your 6 months of private lessons. If you sign up and decide it is way too hard, we can always transfer you down to Suzuki Book 1 for some remedial work.

      I hope to see you in the studio soon!

  9. Lara Lehnhoff

    Hi Lora, I’m wondering if online lessons would be practical for me. I know my way around reading music and playing by ear due to more advanced experience in another instrument. I’ve been playing violin for about 4 months now with having 30 min lessons every other week for only the first two months, while the rest is self taught. I got through the first Suzuki method in about a month, granted I have a lot of free time in the summer and am getting around an hour a day in practice. I’ve just started the second Suzuki book and I’m starting to have doubts about where I’m supposed to be with tone and technique, especially when I don’t have a teacher to tell me when I’m doing something wrong. I’m also getting a bit frustrated with vibrato and the basic exercises because I have no idea if I’m doing them right and the joints in my fingers have a tendency to lock. My goal is to get good enough to play in my school’s orchestra and then from there learn from the more advanced and experienced players. With that goal in mind I was hoping to finish the second Suzuki method in the next 2 months or so before my school year starts. Seeing that your online course is over 8 months, I’m wondering if my goal is even realistic. I’ve watched a lot of your videos and you explain things so clearly that I get it right away, but when I try to apply it physically I don’t know if it’s quite correct because there is no one literally present to correct me. Do you have any advice on where I need to go from here?

    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Lara
      It’s good to hear from you!
      I do have some advice, but it probably won’t be what you want to hear!
      Getting through Suzuki Book 1 and being able to play the tunes is one thing……but getting the right foundation is quite another thing. I would be surprised if you received all you need to know about the fundamentals of playing violin in just 2 months of private lessons….unless your teacher was truly outstanding.

      My advice would be for you to review my Suzuki Book 1 class. (I know….that’s the LAST thing you wanted to hear)….but my SUzuki Book 1 class gives SUCH a solid foundation, that class alone would probably help you achieve your goal of joining your school orchestra.

      If you really don’t want to do that option, then you could dive right in with Suzuki Book 2. You will know within the first month if it is too advanced for you…..and if it is too advanced, we can bump you back down to Suzuki Book 1.

      The thing about my Suzuki classes are: they are DENSE and INTENSE. They are made for adults with adult discipline and focus….so they are really MUCH more than just the basic Suzuki course.

      Give it some thought, and let me know if you have any other questions, or want to discuss it further.
      Hope to see you inside soon! –L

  10. Mary Reeley

    Hi Lora I am trying to decide if this course will meet my needs. I have taken private lessons for 2 yrs, I can read music, and have mastered the concepts in Essential Elements book 1 & 2. I also am a member of Violin and have gained invaluable knowledge from that, I have started practicing the songs in Suzuki book 2. and started working in Whistler for 3rd position. I stopped my private lessons due to conflict with my teacher regarding my progression of learning. I felt I was not progressing in techniques like good bow arm, bow distribution, phrasing, expression, finger independence, and when I approached my teacher with my requests for help she was very closed minded on my requests for what I wanted help with, in other words would only teach on her agenda, and was set on only block fingers and keeping fingers down. I have sort of set up my own practice plan, working on tone, intonation using scales and etudes, and techniques like finger motion and playing at the frog. I like the idea of lesson planning and homework and the goal of learning to play the songs in Suzuki book 2 beautifully with good tone , expression, and dynamics. Could you send a sample of your lesson homework and what skills will be worked on in this course? Would this course be right for me for where I am at in my learning? Thank you Mary

    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Mary
      Wow, you are brave to take your musical education upon yourself and break away from the security of a private teacher. With that said, I support your decision. It sounds like your other teacher had lots of experience, but wasn’t willing to break the mold for individual needs. So, on one hand, she’s probably a decent teacher due to lots of experience….and she knows certain things work, and she doesn’t want to stray from the path that she knows works.

      But adult students need flexibility for so many reasons, I won’t go into them here.

      So, here’s what I think you will LIKE about my Suzuki Book 2 class: lots of work on Tone Production, lots of work on vibrato, a complete, bird-eye view of EVERY scale, major and minor. Lots of attention to musical expression, how to do it, lots of work on left hand speed, dexterity, and articulation, you will learn about detache’, detache’ lance, loure’, portato, legato, colle’, martele’, staccato, and spiccato. Granted, you will not MASTER all these techniques in just book 2…..but we begin the process.

      What you may not like about my book 2 class: I do not use any etude books. Any etudes I want you to do are created by me. I start using etude books in Suzuki Book 3. We will not study outside of 1st position in this class. (positions and shifting start in Book 3, for me)

      With that having been said, I would encourage you to just sign up and see how you like it. You have 60 days to make up your mind, and if you are disappointed, no hard feelings! Just ask for a refund, and it’s granted, no problem.

      I will send you a few units of my “Lesson Summaries” to your email address. That should give you a clear idea of what you will be learning.
      Hope to see you in our studio soon! –Lora

    2. Mary Reeley

      Thank you Lora for the Lessons summaries , I am signing up for the course, will do so later today, and looking forward to learning a lot. And by the way will there be a book 3 course coming?

    3. Lora Post author

      Mary–I see that you joined the studio! Welcome. If you do facebook, be sure to come join our forum there…..there is more interaction.
      Here is the link

      There will definitely be a Book 3 coming. I’m fully committed to the Suzuki Method, and bringing it to every corner of the world!
      Before book 3, though, I have made promises to add more fiddle repertoire, and I have BIG plans in that regard…, it will probably be a year and a half before I begin book 3!
      WElcome to the studio!

  11. Mary Reeley

    When you say I can take as long as needed to finish the course, after 8 mo will I have access to the videos for Suzuki book 2 lessons, the learn to read music course, and the vibrato course, indefinitely and or download them to my computer so I will have them always to refer to in the future?

    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Mary
      Yes, after you have made all your payments (8 for Book 2) then you have lifetime access. You won’t be able to download them to your computer, but you will be able to always log in and review as needed, for as long as I’m in business…..which I plan to be a VERY long time!

  12. Amrita

    Hi Lora,

    If I joined this course, would I need to buy the book in a book format or do you provide a link to buy it online like the Fiddle course?


    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Amrita!
      The fiddle book was created by me, so I had to provide you the link where you could get it.
      The Suzuki materials are robustly copyrighted, so you can only get the commercial copy of it. I found a great deal on Amazon, here is the link:
      I think the cost was $7.16!

      They sell a set that includes the CD with the book, but it costs $13 more than just the cd…..
      And you get FREE recordings of me playing Suzuki Book 2….so you don’t need to spend that extra money.

      I’m glad you are joining me for Book 2!
      You will reach new heights with it! –L

  13. George

    I play the viola.
    What if I bought the Suzuki viola books and took your course?
    What problems do you guess I would have due to the different clefs?
    Thanks very much.

    1. Lora Post author

      Hi George!
      That is a great question! The first time I ever picked up a viola, it was to fill in at the last minute for a string quartet playing at a wedding. I had to mark where the open strings were on every line of music, and the rest I faked by ear. LOL….I probably sounded horrid!

      If you bought the suzuki viola book and took my course, here are the pros and cons, and it is mostly cons, unfortunately:
      you would get LOTS of technique, (including vibrato, bow control, tone production, posture, bow hold, and basic bow strokes)
      you could learn the entire Suzuki Book.

      The Play Along videos would be a 5th off, which could drive you nuts.
      The Piano accompaniment mp3’s would not work for you unless you could run them through a transpose software (I think there is a free version, but not sure)
      Whenever I say a note name, or a string name, you would have to translate a 5th down in your head.

      That’s about it. I’m so sorry I don’t have anything for viola at this point!!! (trust me, it is in the master plan…..just not enough hours in the day!)
      If you are interested, I will do my best to accommodate you….I might even be able to transpose the MP3’s down a 5th for you, but it would sound funky. I would not be able to change the “play along videos” at this time, because I would have to film them all, and don’t have time to do it just yet.

      But your question has me intrigued….I think I could “tweak” my violin course to make it pretty “inhabitable” for violists.
      Let me know if you are interested, and I will bend over backwards to give you what you need!


  14. Neil Denis

    I am interested taking SUSUKI book 2 and lesson that you provide, I believe you are the instructor I need ,
    I am woundering if their was an other way to do the payments than credit card ,I don’t feel good using credit card on line ,check perhaps
    please advise;

    1. Lora Post author

      Hi Neil
      Yes, of course we work with people in any way we can. I’ll have Joe contact you.
      Hope to see you in the studio!
      Make sure you join our facebook forum if you sign up! It’s nice to get to know the other participants!

  15. Richard Owen

    Hi Lora,
    That lady student reminds me of my self, the one who started her lessons at 63 years old, could not afford lessons because
    she was the oldest sibling in her family. My dream started at 71 years old. almost the same reason.

    Richard Owen

    1. Lora Post author

      Yes, Richard, SO many of your generation had to put their own needs last, in order to help with family matters. My own mom had the unfulfilled longing to learn violin, but instead, she instilled in me the love for violin, and her encouragement and support were probably what got me through the tough times! She is that same, awesome generation.

  16. April

    You made my day. You are such a special person! I’m so glad we have the privilege of knowing you. You are a wonderful teacher and you always inspire me. Okay, gotta get things back to manageable FAST. I miss playing and practicing with Patrick! I want to get back into lessons… fiddle first and then book 2. :-)
    Love, April

    1. Lora Post author

      Hey April! Take your time… know where to find me! You and Patrick will have a blast with fiddle! –L

  17. Dyan Raymond

    Hi Lora,
    How exciting to hear, you are offering your Suzuki Book 2 study! I learned so much from your Suzuki Book 1 course! I am thrilled that you will still be focusing on basics, and reaffirming everything that we have had, along with the new material! I am always trying to improve my technique. I like perfect, unfortunately! My birthday is coming up in May, what a nice gift this would be!

    I hope to join you real soon!

    Dyan Raymond

    1. Dyan Raymond

      Hi Lora,
      I just watched your video on your lesson plan for Suzuki book 2. How impressive! I can’t wait to get started. I really enjoyed Suzuki book 1 lessons with you! I learned so much from them. I completed book 1 a few months ago and find I really miss having the daily routine and course study. I feel like I am at a stand still without your sweet, smiling little face giving me instructions on how to become a better violinist.
      No kidding, Lora, I do better having lessons to guide me through, without them, I feel stuck, and like I’m not advancing. Though, I do have so much stored away in my mind that I learned in lesson 1 book. I just need to continue with new lessons!
      Learning to play the violin is a challenge. It’s so important to have a good positive attitude. It takes so much patience, and time to play the right way. I’ve come a long way with loosening up my hands and body while playing. I realize how very crucial that is to violin playing.
      One area, in particular, I need guidance in is bow distribution. I’m hoping that will be covered in lessons book two. Also, Lora, I have never felt totally comfortable with my shoulder rest. Sometimes, I feel like it is holding me back. I have tried two or three different kinds. Kun is one of them. I usually get the better products. I’m not sure what the problem is?! Maybe it’s because I’m too bony!? It feels like I have to be concerned about it slipping, or like its just not in the saddle, for lack of any other expression, daaaaa!
      I am going to Europe in a month, or so and decided to wait until I return to begin my violin lessons. I will be gone for two weeks. Plus, I’m just about finished my Real Estate studies and will get my life back again. I have been consumed with so many of life’s wonderful challenges. I will welcome some time out!
      I will go for now and look forward to joining you in the fall. Hope you are having a great summer! It’s going too fast!
      Thanks, Lora!

      P.S. I think your lesson plan sounds wonderful!

      Dyan Raymond

    2. Lora Post author

      Hi Dyan!
      I’m excited to see you in the Book 2 class! I hope you have a great summer break! I wish you safe travels!

      Yes, the book 2 class has been extremely exciting for me to do, because I know I am packing it with information that I didn’t get until 10 years into my study (if at all)…..and I hope it will jump-start my students into advanced players more quickly. No question about it, it will take a couple years to process all the information I put into this course, so I’m anxious to hear back from students if they felt overwhelmed, or just excited.

      Your shoulder rest:
      If the Kun doesn’t work for you, what are the other kinds you tried???
      Please write me back, I know we can find the perfect setup for your body type!

      If you have not tried the Wolf Secundo, then I bet you that will work for you, because you have commented in the past about “bony” collarbone, and I just think it will work. Check out this video, and you will get a feeling about whether it will work for you or not.

      Also, Dyan, help me make Suzuki Book 2 as good as it can be. What were you hoping for in regards to BOW DISTRIBUTION? If you let me know, I can implement it in book 2. Honestly, it was not in my lesson plan, but I think it is probably something I should address, so let me know what you think you need.

      As far as relaxing your hands, you must be ever vigilant, because once your hands get into that stiff, tense habit, it is one of the hardest habits to correct, and takes constant vigilance.

      HOpe to hear back from you before you leave on your travels.
      Talk soon!

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