Suzuki Book Two

Learn Suzuki Book 2 in Eight Months

As a member of Fabulous Fundamentals: Suzuki Book 2, you get:

  • Hours of high-quality online video that you can watch at your own pace
  • All of the Suzuki book 2 pieces to play along with in slow, medium, and performance tempo
  • Access to me as your teacher when you need help
  • Downloadable MP3s of the entire Suzuki Book 2 so you don’t have to buy the cd
  • Downloadable MP3s of Suzuki Book 2, piano only, so that when you are ready, you have a professional accompanist ready to play along with you
  • Printable lesson summaries and practice assignments to help you stay on track without always having to watch the videos

Plus, FREE access to my special course, Learn to Read Music, is included with your membership. That’s a $100 value absolutely free!

Ready to Get Started? Here Are the Details

  • $47 per month for eight months. Your card will be securely billed by Clickbank. Once today, then every 30 days seven more times.
  • Access to the lessons for as long as you need them. Review as often as you like.
  • 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • Cancel anytime
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If you still have questions after watching the video and reading the information above, ask me in the comments section and I’ll answer you right away!


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  1. Lisa

    So excited to begin lessons. Am currently enrolled in traditional lessons but figured while the schedule is on break this month I’d hone my skills and knowledge with this online course…. now after paying, I need to figure out where to sign in.

    • Beth

      Hi Lisa,
      I replied to your message through our support system. If you don’t receive it, please let me know.
      Red Desert Member Support

    • Lora

      Hi Lisa,
      If you have any more trouble with tech stuff, email BEth at “” . She is AWESOME, and we all love her.

      Any musical questions can be directed to me at “”.
      Welcome aboard!

  2. Ragan Wheeler

    I want to learn to play a violin, I am 52 years old and never did any music learning in my life. Can i learn to play
    this by you teaching me how to play.
    Or do you think i am to old and to stupid to learn to play now.

    Thank you Ragan

    • Lora

      Hi Ragan!
      You are the perfect candidate for these lessons.
      If you start in my Suzuki Book 1 class, you will learn everything you need to know from the ground up.
      Your question about “too old and stupid” made me laugh because it is so ridiculous! 52 is still so young! Besides… doesn’t matter what age you start. Just start! I have many students who start at a much older age, and IT DOES NOT MATTER….what is the perfect age to start? Whatever age you are TODAY!
      Start here
      I look forward to seeing you in the studio!

      • Natasha

        I’m kind of like Rogan. I always felt too stupid and old for the violin. But I pressed on and now I’m on book 2 and could not be more excited! It took me 2 years to be done with book 1 because of crazy work schedule, but I finally did it!

        Lora, how do I know I’m ready for book 2? I’m a recovering perfectionist, so I don’t know what it means to ‘qualify’ for book 2. I still have intonation problems and I sight read best at only 50bpm. Do I need to have all book 1 pieces down pat before moving to book 2, or is 80% good enough?


        • Lora

          Natasha, CONGRATULATIONS for pressing on and completing Book 1!
          I am so proud of you for ignoring that feeling that “it’s too late”, or “I’m not smart enough”…..WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

          At a minimum, you want to have all 3 minuets learned. NOT PERFECTED…..just proficient, to where you can make it from beginning to end without stopping.
          Book 2 will review some of the most important concepts and some of the most difficult concepts from Book 1.
          You will see lots of stuff that seems like repetition, but that is intentional.

          So I would venture a guess that you are ready for Book 2.
          Just brush up on your Minuets and Happy Farmer. The Gossec Gavotte takes a LONG TIME to really get mastered. It is as hard as any of the songs in Book 2……so if that is not polished yet, just keep it on your radar, and revisit it once per month as your playing improves, you will find that the Gossec feels easier. It’s like “skinny jeans”… can use it to measure your progress!

          Hope to see you in Suz2!


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